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Albie Newton

Albie Newton by Josh Funk & Ester Garay

Meet Albie Newton: child genius. He’s a whiz at inventing things. But is he inventive enough to figure out how to make friends?

When precocious inventor Albie Newton enters a new preschool, he concocts the perfect plan for making friends. Unfortunately, it involves stealing the hamster’s wheel, snatching the wings off of Dave’s toy airplane, and generally making a giant mess. Now everyone’s angry at Albie! Will his new invention delight the other kids enough to make everything right—and finally win their friendship? logo

Author: Josh Funk

Illustrator: Ester Garay

Publisher: Union Square & Co.

ISBN: 978-1454922582

Release Date: 5.1.18


This engaging tale offers messages about being oneself, accepting differences, and forging friendships.

- Publishers Weekly

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