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It's Not the Three Little Pigs

It's Not The Three Little Pigs by Josh Funk & Edwardian Taylor Cover

Meet the three (ahem—four!) little pigs as they convince the narrator to tell a slightly different version of their fairy tale:

First there’s Alan, the one pig in the bunch who is actually a builder. He’s got a BIG problem with building a home out of flimsy straw. Next there’s Alfred, who wants to be an actor and wouldn’t dream of getting his hands dirty. Then we have Alvin, whose dream is to be . . . a pumpkin. Last but not least is Alison, the fourth pig who is ready to bring some flair to this story, if only she can get the narrator to agree to a few changes. . . . And what about that wolf?

Grab your jet-packs and get ready for this rollicking retelling of the popular tale.

Author: Josh Funk

Illustrator: Edwardian Taylor

Publisher: Two Lions

ISBN: 978-1542032438

Release Date: 11.1.22 logo

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