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If you preorder ATTACK OF THE SCONES from one of the independent bookshops listed and linked below, you'll receive:

  1. EXCLUSIVE Collector's Cards

  2. A bookplate AUTOGRAPHED by author Josh Funk

  3. Entry to win the *GRAND PRIZE*: a free visit to your local school, library, or bookshop!

Scones Preorder TwitterX.jpg

Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast are back and face an out-of-this-world invasion! 

It’s time for Baron von Waffle’s birthday bash when Sir French Toast spots a strange flying object in the sky. He pleads with Lady Pancake to help him uncover the mystery invader, who she doesn't believe exists. But when Baron von Waffle is captured, Pancake and French Toast know they must save their friend. Will they be able to put aside their differences to salvage their friendship and rescue Waffle, or will the invaders take over the fridge forever?

Is your local indie bookshop not particpating below? Tell them to contact Josh - he'd love to add them!

Is your local indie not listed?


Tell them to contact Josh and we'll happily add them to the list!

The Fine Print

  • Collector's cards & bookplates will be distributed by local bookshops with preordered copies (these will be sent to stores a few weeks in advance).

  • Grand prize selection will occur on 9/3/24. One store will be selected as the winning store, and one preorder will be selected from that store to win the school/library/bookshop visit from author Josh Funk.

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